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When Sunshine and Kisses Aren't Enough: Healthcare Blogs

In some cases, when you're not feeling well, a bit of sleep and some orange juice can clear up what ails you. If a child gets a small injury, a kiss can often do the trick. However, when nature's solutions and tender loving care don't cut it -- you need a health care clinic that you can trust. Hi, my name is Pam, and while raising four kids, I dealt with numerous health issues from the common cold, to broken bones, to a chronic autoimmune disorder with my youngest. Our family health care center was essential during that process, and I want to share tips and ideas with others who may be in the same situations.



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Ditch The Twitch: Dealing With A Brand New Eye Twitch

Noticing a new bodily tick can be unnerving. If your eyes have begun to twitch, it is a possibility that it could be due to stress or over-caffeinating. If you cut down on your coffee and soda, plus start to get some rest and seen no results, it may be time to get checked out. If you are dealing with eye twitches and they are becoming more frequent and bothersome, here are three steps that you should take in order to confirm the problem.

Go for an eye exam

Prior to any other action, if you are experiencing any issues with your eyes, you should go and have an eye examination. During your eye exam, the physician can look at your eye structure to determine if you are having any ocular issues. This can include sensitivity to light or dry eyes. Dry eyes and light sensitivity can both cause issues with the eyes moving and twitching on their own. If your eyes are sensitive for any reason, the ophthalmologist may be able to prescribe eye drops or sunglasses that can help. 

Take note of any medication changes

Taking medication, including natural medications or over-the-counter painkillers can cause a reaction. While many people may have had success with the medication, some individuals can have a bad reaction. If you have recently started any medication, including over the counter painkillers, vitamins, and supplements, this could possibly be the cause of the twitch. Make an appointment at a health care clinic to take a blood test and get an examination. This can help determine if the twitching is caused by the affects of the medicine. 

Get a CAT scan

One of the reasons why your eyes can be twitching is a development of neurological issues. If there is a wiring issue in your brain or if you have a developed neurological disorder, twitching may be one of the first symptoms. If the twitching has continued after you get your eyes checked, you should go to see a neurologist. When you see a neurologist, be sure to outline your new eye twitching plus any other ticks or issues that have newly set in. Your CAT scan can determine if there are any neurological or brain activity issues that are causing the tick. Getting a CAT scan can find any issues that have recently developed and help the medical staff figure out how to operate on any problems.