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When Sunshine and Kisses Aren't Enough: Healthcare Blogs

In some cases, when you're not feeling well, a bit of sleep and some orange juice can clear up what ails you. If a child gets a small injury, a kiss can often do the trick. However, when nature's solutions and tender loving care don't cut it -- you need a health care clinic that you can trust. Hi, my name is Pam, and while raising four kids, I dealt with numerous health issues from the common cold, to broken bones, to a chronic autoimmune disorder with my youngest. Our family health care center was essential during that process, and I want to share tips and ideas with others who may be in the same situations.



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Here's What The Home Healthcare Provider You Hire For Your Elderly Parent Should Do For You

Hiring a healthcare provider to help take care of your elderly parent? Here is what your in-home care service provider should be able to do for you.

Offer Nutrition Therapy Guidance

No matter what specific health problems your parent might face as they age, chances are that nutrition therapy can help alleviate symptoms and even reduce pain, allowing your parent to maintain a high level of comfort and peace of mind through the end of their life. An experienced home healthcare provider has the knowledge necessary to prepare a nutrition therapy plan for your parent that will provide them with the specific vitamins and minerals they are lacking so their bodies can stay strong and fight off illness. Your service provider should also be able to recommend specific meal plan options and supplements that fight certain health problems such as arthritis.

Provide Remote Monitoring Support

If your parent has a serious illness or is at the end of their life, your home healthcare provider should be able to remotely monitor them while you're working or sleeping and not able to personally do so yourself. This will help ensure that your parent is monitored 24 hours a day throughout the week so that if a problem arises, help can be requested and your parent can get the care they need as soon as possible.

By simply installing a monitoring system inside your parent's bedroom, your service provider can tap into the feed through their computer or smartphone during predetermined shifts that are based on your personal needs. You should also be able to access the remote monitoring system so you can keep tabs on your parent and their caregiver whenever you feel like it.

Maintain an Updated Reminder Schedule

When it comes to providing your parent with the medications they need, making sure they are bathed on a regular basis, and ensuring that their eating schedule stays steady, things can get pretty confusing if you don't have a decent reminder system set up. If you'ved hire a home healthcare provider for your parent, you shouldn't have to spend your time and energy maintaining a reminder system.

Your service provider should maintain a reminder schedule for you, because they intimately know your parent's health conditions and special needs and they know what small tasks need to be done daily whether they are there to do it themselves or not. They should ensure that you're updated on a regular basis with any changes that have been made. Whether they text, email, or call you each day with your daily reminders, or they post a weekly reminder schedule on your fridge for you, make sure that the service provider you hire is able and willing to maintain a reminder schedule of some kind on your behalf.